Ahmed Ilmi

Ahmed Ilmi

Department of Social Justice Education

“We need to find the voices of Black males in education and account for the ways in which their early educational experiences are linked to their lack of opportunity in Canadian society.”

Recipient: 2019 Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr. Ilmi has done extensive work on social exclusion and identity formation of Black Canadian youth. His postdoctoral research will address anti-Black racism, Black boys and youth education, and well-being in Canada. Dr. Ilmi will examine how Black boys are being socialized in Canada’s K-12 classrooms by gathering and analyzing stories of their school experiences. Through his research, Dr. Ilmi hopes to develop and expand the literature on Black boys’ education.

“I choose to do my research at the University of Toronto, because U of T is a world renown institution know for cutting edge research, scholarship, and intellectual activism. As a Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow, I am excited to be currently working on a book project critically examining the educational experiences of Black boys. The Fellowship provides an incredible opportunity to grow my scholarly profile, undertake academic work, and to contribute to the Black Studies scholarship at the University of Toronto. “

Dr Ahmed Ilmi is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Global Development Studies (UTSC) Ahmed Ilmi